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Getting settled in Dundee

So three weeks after officially moving to Dundee and two weeks before Pilates Dundee officially opens, I'm just starting to feel settled here. I've had a great time teaching mat classes to the very talented skaters at Dundee Ice Arena and taken some amazing yoga classes at Heartspace from some very talented teachers. This weekend we'll be moving into the space at Butterfly Holistic Centre and giving it a fresh coat of paint and some nice decoration (I suck at decorating). The Pilates universal reformers are arriving on Friday and I couldn't be happy to be opening my first studio here in Dundee's West End. The reformers are from an American company called Peak Pilates that isn't that well known in the UK (most people use Balanced Body). However, my teacher designed the Peak machines and I was trained on them and can say they are quality, well-built Pilates machines.

This week I'll be finishing up at Balanced Edinburgh, which has been my Pilates home in Scotland for the last three years. While Pilates Dundee gets up and running, I'll still be commuting down to Edinburgh twice a week and working at the beautiful Pilates Hub with Ellie Carr down in Leith. The Pilates Hub is a proper classical Pilates studio, and I look forward to teaching along the team there....teaching alongside talented teachers is the best inspiration to keep your practice invigorated.

At first I didn't think I had enough space to offer mat classes and was just going to concentrate on reformer work. BUT after having spent more time in the studio, mat classes are DEFINITELY possible. I'm going to set the class capacity at 6 people per class and will be putting out some feelers for what times would work for people in the near future.

Lots of good stuff coming is now open and opening week promos are published. My colleagues and I at Butterfly are also planning an Open Day for Sunday the 2nd of September so save the date in your diaries!

Logo for Pilates Dundee

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