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As business is picking up, I'm happy to now be available in Dundee for Pilates sessions on Wednesdays from 9am-12pm and from 6pm-7pm. I've also adjusted the time table slightly for the group classes. For the lunch crowd and after-work workout crowds, I've added reformer classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 12pm and 6pm. And for the early birds out there, I've also added a 9am reformer class on Saturday.

As we keep growing, my colleague Maggie at Butterfly Effect and I are starting to feel the pinch a bit and we've started looking around for a new location. A little bird told us that it MIGHT be possible for us to take over the entire floor just downstairs from where we are now! Not only would this mean that I wouldn't have to haul the reformers across Dundee, but it would give us more space for more Pilates machines. This in turn would allow me to offer group Pilates reformer classes at more a slightly lower price point so more people can get the benefits of the Pilates Method.

I'll keep you updated as we get updated.

On other fronts I've begun work on my dissertation to complete my Masters in Dance Science (finally), will be doing some Pilates CPD in Edinburgh this summer with the fabulous Benjamin Degenhard

t, and have started researching teacher training in the Gyrotonic method next year!!!!

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