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It's been a wonderful few weeks getting settled into my new studio and getting to know the fitness-minded people of Dundee. As I've been getting to know my market here, I've been tinkering with my pricing and my timetables to create the a business plan to best serve the needs and wants of my students.

I am pleased to announce that, starting the week of the 15th of October, I will now be offering 7 reformer classes a week...Tuesday at Thursday at 9:00am, 1:00pm and 5:00pm; and Saturday at 12:30pm.

Classes will be small (very two people) so everyone will get plenty of personal attention and so that we can best adapt each class to each student.

As Pilates Dundee continues to grow, I aim (along with my colleagues from Butterfly Effect), to move into a larger, more luxurious space within a year or so...and this new class structure will give us a blueprint moving take advantage of our small class size now cause you'll have to be sharing my with more people soon lol

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