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And we're open!

After a few busy weeks of getting the Pilates studio ready, our doors our finally open. The Pilates reformers have been delivered and put together, the walls repainted, and floors scrubbed, and the mat class timetable created and published, things are finally ready to go.

Happy to report that I've had few bookings for private classes on the reformer and same for the mat classes...ready for the slow burn though. My business goal is to have the studio be self-sufficient within three months. And this is totally doable!

The main thing I wish to portray at Pilates Dundee is how important the quality of teaching is in properly learning the Pilates Method. 'A Pilates teacher is a Pilates is a Pilates' a statement that is absolutely false. There is no official regulating international body for Pilates. And thus, anyone can call themselves a Pilates teacher. I can pretty much guarantee that if you've taken a Pilates class in a gym, your teacher is a Personal Trainer who spent 10-20 hours to achieve their Pilates diploma.

For a teacher to receive a quality Pilates education, their training course should require AT LEAST 500 hours of training on ALL apparatus including mat. If a teacher is only qualified in mat, I would certainly hesitate to call them a Pilates teacher. Pilates is a holistic system...each aspect of it influences the other and one cannot grasp it's depth from only learning one aspect. 

I'm keeping things small and simple at Pilates to insure and instil this sense of quality...only two people on the reformers at a time and only 5 people on the mats at time. The Pilates Method was never intended to be taught to massive amounts of people at the same time. And my pledge to my students at Pilates Dundee is to keep it this way to provide them with the best Pilates education possible.

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