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Our Team.

Quality matters. Experience matters. Expertise matters.

Kevin Briggs, MSc Originally from Texas, Kevin discovered Pilates while pursuing a university degree in dance and dancing professionally in Texas. He completed his Pilates qualification in 2004 through the Pilates Centre of Austin under the direction of Wendy Arbuckle-Leblanc, a renowned and well-respected teacher of teachers in the States. Upon being certified, Kevin was recruited by a Pilates studio in Paris, France, joining the first wave of teachers bringing the value of the Pilates Method to the country. While working in Paris, Kevin had the opportunity to work with a group of instructors from numerous Pilates backgrounds, teaching a wide range of clientele, including several international celebrities. Kevin relocated to Scotland in 2015 for a Masters of Science in Dance Science and Education at the University of Edinburgh and is now happy to call Scotland, and more recently Dundee, home.   Kevin’s Pilates-style is rooted in the integrity of classical Pilates, but it is also highly influenced by his dance training and his experience with numerous somatic approaches to movement. He is also currently training to become a fully certified in the GYROTONIC®  method. ​ "I'm very excited to bring my style of Pilates to Dundee in my wee studio off Perth Road. Though I've been teaching for 20 years, I've never had my own space before. Most of the studios I've worked in have been busy, bustling places...often in crowded gyms and physio clinics. In our space, I have the freedom to create a more ideal Pilates experience, one that is peaceful, private, and much more conducive to furthering your Pilates practice with just you, your instructor, and the reformers. I have been fortunate in my career to have received amazing training from very gifted educators and to have worked alongside extremely talented and brilliant instructors from around the world. I look forward to sharing everything that I've learned along the way to my clients in Dundee and to growing Pilates Dundee together."
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